Tuesday, September 25, 2012

E-Cigs the smokeless healthier alternative to cigarettes

Maybe you have already quit smoking?  Maybe you are thinking about it?  I am here to tell you e-cigs are a great alternative!  I use to smoke, but with 3 kids looking up to me, and relying on me - I wanted something healthier and something that would help me quit smoking.  They say the e-cigarettes are not a cessation product - but they worked wonders for me.  I think the ones I have always used have nicotine in them - however I am pretty sure that I could have a no nicotine one and maybe just me feeling like I am smoking would be enough.  There is no second hand "smoke", no tar and all those chemicals, etc.  These are completely smoke free!

Have you tried them?  Do you love them?  Feel free to comment!

I am trying to find what brand is the best.  After reading reviews I have seen that South Beach Smoke is probably the highest rated company with the best e-cigs, but I have yet to try them!  Just ordered some but according to the tracking number they won't be here until next week!  Our local gas station sells the Green Smart Living and I love the Menthol.  I always smoked regular but their menthol is not too minty - it has just a tad bit of mint flavor - however they are a little more expensive and not as high rates as the South Beach.  So I guess I will wait for those and see what I think!  Do any of you have a favorite brand/company for the e-cigs?

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